Doelger Homes of Daly City (Photo Gallery)

In 1947, legendary San Francisco and Daly City real estate developer Henry Doelger began building what is now the Westlake district of Daly City. These and many more homes designed and built by Doelger are enjoying a renaissance — and we’re proud to say that Barnoski Painting has been involved in many repainting and restoration projects.

Repainting and Restoring a Doelger Home

Here’s a brief sampling of some of the great Doelger houses we’ve been fortunate enough to help restore to their original glory. Let’s make yours the next one! Call (650) 834-0028 or email us today to schedule a prompt, no-obligation estimate.

Please Note: We’re still in the process of optimizing our gallery photos (over 40 years worth), and will be uploading these as time permits. Thanks in advance for your patience.