Daly City Exterior House Painting Experts

Daly CIty exterior house painting example

Give your home a fresh, clean look and increase its value with a stunning new paint job from Daly City’s exterior house painting professionals — Barnoski Painting.

If you’re looking to freshen up your home’s exterior — whether it’s for pre-sale curb appeal or simply to try some something bold, fresh and new — you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a variety of painting services to achieve the look and result your desire. Whether repainting the interior of your home or exterior, we provide a premium service for all your painting needs. Each job starts with trust and confidence and that is why all jobs/estimates are inspected by a professional experienced craftsman — not a salesman.

Painting your home is a necessary investment to keep your home in excellent condition, which reflects in its value and re-sale value. Every job is detailed for each individual home, but our overall process is a result of proven technique and experience since 1976 which is superior to any other method.

Barnoski’s Exterior House Painting Process

We are detailed and flexible enough to work within a budget, however we don’t do cheap work and we never overcharge, we simply do the best jobs at the best price.

  • Painting and Waterproofing
  • Exterior & Interior
  • Color consulting
  • Power washing & cleaning out gutters and downspouts
  • Fences, decks, patios, overhangs & more
  • Replace vents and coverings and chimney pans

Exterior painting sample of a Daly City house.

Quality, Craftsmanship and Value

Every job is a hands on paint job done by the owners of the company and once we start a job we stay until it is completed.

We are skilled craftsmen and full time professional painters. Our crew has been together for decades.

We have been painting in San Francisco, Daly City and the peninsula for over 40 years and have created the best procedures to work around the weather and moist conditions.

Our method and products are designed for this region to provide a premium job and the best value. Especially for the storied Doelger homes in Daly City.

All of our work and products are above industry standard and state requirements, but we can work within your budget to produce the best value for your money.

All work is guaranteed for 5 years. All jobs should last an average of 10 years, normally 8 to 12 years depending on conditions.  To maintain your house, it should be washed every few years and repainted before the paint breaks down.

Dedication to the Craft of Painting

Our entire process begins with pride in our profession, and the belief that no one delivers a better end result. Being a family-centric operation helps greatly. We demand a strong work ethic, respect for others and attention to detail like no other.

We care about how our work holds up over time. We implement the best preparation practices — expertly washing the exterior and scraping, sanding, filling and repairing. After applying the perfect primer and caulking all joints, we’re ready to lay down the top quality paint that will bring your home to life.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Exterior House Painting Job

We also provide guidance on how you as a homeowner can help maintain that beautiful look and feel your home radiates long after the Barnoski Painting trucks have rolled away after a job well done.

We’ll teach you how to extend the life of the paint job — by pointing out when and what to inspect, how to remove mold and mildew (especially in Daly City!), how pollen can stain your exterior, and much, much more.

Our knowledge base about exterior house painting has been built the old-fashioned way — by trial, error, history and experience — over four decades of honing our craft. Not by Googling something.