How much does it cost
to paint a Daly City house?

How much is a paint job?

A lot goes into a paint job, not just the work, but the overhead as well. Short answer: A quality professional job from a licensed contractor should range between $7,000 to $9,000 for a standard pro job.

We arrive each day in our exclusive complete mobile unit vehicle. Organized and complete with everything we need for your project. This saves you time and money and allows our crew to maximize our time working on your home.

The price of jobs vary depending on 3 main factors — size, condition and colors.

The State Farm hourly rate for a licensed, insured, professional painter is set at $112.75 per hour. Usually, it takes a three man crew between 3-5 days to paint an average San Francisco Bay Area home (depending on condition).

A three man crew is approximately 24 man hours per day, that’s $2,706 per day. That’s the current fair median price for a professional painting job in the San Francisco Bay Area. So easy math is $2,700 per day — plus materials, Roughly $750-$1,250 depending on size and coats.

In 2020 and 2021, supply issues and inflation have caused the prices of materials to increase. We still keep a lower rate than the median hourly rate and discount our materials to help customers save money.

Providing industry leading house painting at affordable pricing

For comparison of Barnoski Painting versus our local competition, we spend 1.5-2 days cleaning and prepping your home and 2 days painting. So we only charge about $4,500 to paint your house. Whereas cheaper contractors — or unlicensed painters — have been charging $6,000 to $7,000 for poor quality work. They’ll spend about one-half day on prep, and a day and a half to paint. Meaning they *should* charge you about $3,500 for that type of work, so you are over-paying for a lesser quality result.

In short, we only charge a little more than cheap contractors for 2 times the work. Plus you’ll have complete peace of mind from Barnoski Painting — a licensed, bonded, fully insured contractor.

MYTH: I’ll save money by hiring an unlicensed painting contractor.

No, you won’t. And it’s illegal. The job can be shut down at a moment’s notice and you’ll be fined by the City and State for hiring an unlicensed contractor. No one can hire anyone to work on their home for more than $500 by law.

What’s worse is the unlicensed contractor does not have insurance which makes YOU, the home owner, 100% liable for any and all injuries, accidents or damage that occurs. That’s a problem you don’t want, and one that’s is super easy to avoid.

Why is the cost to paint a house so high?

Over the past decade, the average house painting job used to cost around $5,000 to $6,000. Since 2020, thanks to the global pandemic, supply chain problems, and more, the costs of everything have risen. Regardless of market conditions, the cost of every professional paint job is based on three expenses — Overhead, Labor and Material.

Overhead • Every reputable painting contractor has overhead which includes licensing, permits, marketing, accounting and general use equipment (trucks, machinery and tools). Larger companies use 50% of each jobs price toward overhead, as a small independent company with 45 years of recognition at Barnoski’s Painting we have limited our overhead to 15% — saving our customers money, which we invest into the work detail, providing a much better quality paint job than our competition.

Labor • Labor is the biggest expense on most residential jobs. It requires a decent amount of man hours to complete job, and do it the right way.

Materials • Paint, primers, fillers and applications are direct cost on each job. Paint varies from about $40 per gallon to $100 per gallon depending on quality and name brand. We always recommend a premium product, and can get a discount as a licensed contractor, of which we pass on the savings to our customers.

How large painting companies work

Most companies have large marketing budgets and a large overhead which means 50% or more of what you pay goes to their overhead. For Example with a $7,000 job, you only get you a $3,500 value on your paint job because half of your money goes to the salesperson and the overhead, so what’s left is put into the paint job, often times sub-contracted to someone who agrees to paint the house for only $3,500 — and they do a quick. cheap job.

However at Barnoski Painting we have a low overhead cost (around 15%), so 85% of what you pay us goes directly into your home.

Dollar for dollar we give you 200% more value than our competitors. You can pay more, you could pay less, but you will not get a better job at any price.
Barnoski Painting : Another Daly City stellar paint job!

The Barnoski Differece

What’s the difference?

At Barnoski’s Painting the difference is the difference.

Over 45 years in business with 100 plus years of combined experience.

We start with a free estimate to give you the information you need to make a informed decision. And we offer 4 price options as well to fit your budget.

Our standard 12 point inspection will go through and check your home. Then the complete paint job process begins. Power wash, thorough preparation, treat rust, clean door frame edges and seals, primer-sealer, fill all open cracks & holes and apply premium top-coats. Then check the job & leave the customer the paint formula and touch-up paint for future use. All backed by our guarantee . Most competitors hire sub-contractors who do quick cleanup paint jobs.


There are 4 types of of paint jobs

The first, The “Clean-Up” a cheap simple re-paint.

This is a quick by coat of paint put over the existing surface with very little preparation. Often times people will use low quality paint to save money which is also a problem because poor will usually require a better product to help it “hold”. This type of job should only be done over surfaces that are in decent shape and properly cleaned prior to painting. If not, you are creating a poor surface for future work which will require extensive preparation to correct the problem. We don’t recommend a “clean-up” job, but can offer a price for comparison.

We now offer 3 types of quality work. The Bronze, Silver & Gold.


Our Bronze package contains the following deliverables —
  • Power wash
  • Basic preparation
  • Clean up
  • Covering
  • Primer - sealer
  • Fill open cracks and holes
  • Treat rusty metal
  • Apply premium top-paint on stucco, wood and trim. That’s 1 full even coat of premium paint on stucco.
  • Apply 1 full coat of premium paint on wood and trim. That’s 2 coats total w/primer and top-coat on wood and trim.
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty and should last 8-10 years comfortably.


The Silver package contains everything included in the Bronze package, and the following —
  • Thorough preparation
  • Apply premium top-paint on stucco. That’s 1 full even coat of premium paint on stucco, second top coat optional.
  • Apply 2 full coats on wood and trim. That’s 3 total coats.

Ask about our senior citizens discount.

A long-standing Barnoski Painting tradition that continues to this day — in honor and appreciation of our most beloved community members.


The Gold package features extensive preparation and restoration, and contains everything included in the Bronze and Silver packages, plus the following —
  • 1st Primer-sealer to seal redwood.
  • 2nd coat primer-sealer to leave sound base for paint.
  • Full prime stucco
  • Apply premium 2 coats top-paint on stucco.
  • 2 full coats on wood and trim. Total of 4 coats.

The Barnoski Painting Warranty

The best warranty is the one you never have to use. Our warranty covers almost everything. However we don’t cover underlying problems or pre-existing conditions.

Most contractor’s warranties cover workmanship and quality of contractor supplied paint, and not much else.

The length of thesewarranties vary greatly, but are typically 2-8 years depending on the type of paint chosen. Lower quality paint will usually come with a shorter term of the warranty.

The other main thing that is covered in most house painting warranties is the workmanship.
There is always a list of exclusions to any warranty, and a paint warranty is no different. The most common exclusion is Acts of God, such as weather damage. Other exclusions that are typical are damage caused after the job is completed, such as any damage caused by the homeowner or others or any chipping, peeling, cracking, etc. Additionally, existing structural damage, layers of old and peeling paint or other problems with the house may cause a paint job to fail; many contractors will be unable to offer a warranty.